BB’s Gluten Free Bakery has just added an essential ingredient to the business - fast, reliable broadband

Cornish broadband provider Wildanet is expanding its network bringing superfast and super-reliable broadband to communities and businesses throughout Cornwall, including helping support the rapid growth of BB’s Gluten Free Bakery.

BB’s Gluten Free Bakery has just added an essential ingredient to the business - fast, reliable broadband.

Brett Gillard and Sarah Penpraze contacted Wildanet to get them connected as their start-up gluten free cake making business went from strength to strength.

Creative baker Sarah began making gluten free cakes and bakes after she was furloughed during lockdown and quickly built up a fanbase, which soon extended beyond just friends and family.

Brett developed a website for the bakery, while the rapid growth of the firm saw them move into an industrial unit in the West Cornwall Enterprise Centre in Redruth. This was then turned into a fully coeliac safe, gluten free kitchen.

As more employees joined the team, it became apparent that decent, high-speed broadband was going to be essential.

“Sarah was using her phone’s hotspot to run the printer and the laptop to email customers and look up websites,” said Brett. “It kept cutting out every 10 to 15 minutes and I knew we needed something better. I kept hearing about Wildanet and seeing their vans around Cornwall. I thought – what if we could use them?”

Brett contacted Wildanet and was told by the friendly, local business team it would be straightforward to connect the bakery to its fast, reliable broadband.

“The whole installation process was quick,” said Brett. “The guys were very chatty and smiley and once it was all under way, we had a really good service.”

A fast, reliable connection means Brett, Sarah and their six-strong team can now communicate with customers easily, deal with online orders and tasks, such as printing off labels, as well as work on their social media platforms – which are full of glowing reviews.

“That’s been the nicest things about all this so far,” says Sarah, who is gluten free herself. “It’s seeing all the lovely feedback we’ve been getting from customers who’ve bought bespoke birthday cakes for their children or people who just want to treat themselves.”

One couple from Germany were holidaying in Cornwall when they travelled from Newquay to BB’s Bakery in Redruth because they heard they could pick up a selection of treats for their daughter, who is coeliac

Another mum left a message to say that her son had finally been able to enjoy a ‘normal’ birthday cake at long last.

“That warms your heart,” said Brett, describing the range of delicious treats BB’s offers, including traybakes, cupcakes, scones, loaf cakes, as well as dairy free and vegan options (which are all gluten free, as standard).

He and Sarah are hoping to expand the business soon and move into a second unit within the same building.

“That area of the building is still connected to the Wildanet wi-fi so it means we can expand the business without having to worry about getting broadband in the same place.”

Brett said he would certainly recommend Wildanet to other local businesses.

“There’s definitely a need for the type of service Wildanet offers,” said Brett. “Cornwall is built on small businesses and let’s face it, the area is a bit of black hole when it comes to good connectivity.

“There are places where you can get fast broadband but it can be expensive and not all businesses can afford to do that.

“And with Wildanet, you’re getting that service without having to wait for the infrastructure to be put in place.”


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