Project Gigabit
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

We’re proud to be installing a new Full Fibre broadband network across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, supported by funding from Project Gigabit, the UK government's £5 billion programme that’s helping to provide hard-to-reach communities across the UK with access to gigabit-capable broadband.

Gigabit broadband is the next generation in high-speed broadband, and gives you access to the fastest, most reliable internet connection available.

Which areas will benefit from this digital upgrade?

Thousands of homes and businesses across rural Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will benefit from access to gigabit-capable broadband thanks to the government’s £5 billion Project Gigabit programme. The roll-out (which includes an investment of £74million for Cornwall) will see more than 35,000 premises connected as part of this project in Cornwall.

Work is already underway in the far west and mid Cornwall, as a result of the 2 Project Gigabit contracts awarded to Wildanet in January 2023. Wildanet was awarded a third Project Gigabit contract in April 2024 which joins up the areas already being delivered. Work will begin in this new area later in 2024.

Community Open Days

Come along to one of our Community Open Days to find out more about the work we’re doing in your area to install the new network.

Our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and talk you through the various stages involved with bringing a new Full Fibre network to your area.

Plus, free refreshments are provided.

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Street Works Information

Helping to keep any disruption to a minimum

We’re working closely with Cornwall Council to help keep any disruption to a minimum whilst we install the new network. Where possible, we use existing infrastructure to install the new network to help avoid any unnecessary disruption.

Where we do have to undergo street works, residents will be notified in advance and you will start to see safety barriers in areas where our teams are working to help keep you and the community safe. Rest assured that these will only be up for a short time whilst we undertake the street works and we will remove them as soon as we can. We understand these street works may cause some inconvenience, but access will be maintained throughout the works to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum.


Should you require any assistance during any street works

We’re working with our contractors to try and keep any disruption to an absolute minimum. If you’d like to report any issues or provide any feedback whist our teams are installing the new network in your area, please contact us directly on 0800 0699906 or email Reporting any feedback to us in this way will enable our team to investigate and resolve any issues as swiftly as possible to help keep any disruption to a minimum.

How do we install the new network?

Installing a new Full Fibre across Cornwall is a huge project, involving many different teams. The process we go through can be broken down into 6 distinct stages:

1: Creating the network design

Before any work can commence, our network Design Team have to effectively create blue-prints that inform our teams how (and where) the new network will be installed.

Much like an architect would provide designs for a building, our Design Team create the network design to help inform our build teams exactly where the new fibre cabling should be installed and connected.

2: Surveying the areas

Once the designs have been created and considered ready for construction, our teams will then survey the area to identify the best way of physically installing the new digital infrastructure.

Considerations will include complex traffic management requirements, chamber locations, private areas and any unique engineering challenges that the area may present.

Although we won’t be undertaking any roadworks at this stage, you may notice our teams in the area whilst they are conducting the survey work.The results from the survey are then passed back to our design team who will then create a final version of the design, taking into account any feedback from the survey. This then effectively becomes the final blueprints for the network design. 

3: Test, rod and rope

Where possible, we will utilise existing infrastructure (such as ducting that is already located underground, or telegraph poles that are already in situ) through which to feed our fibre cables. This offers many advantages including far less disruption to the area, it’s quicker to install this way (meaning we can get the network up and running faster) and has far less environmental impact.

Our teams will complete test, rod, rope, and subduct to determine the status of the network as well as installing what we can as part of the build delivery. Where needed, we will also undertake any remedial works required at this stage, such as helping to clear any blockages in existing ducting and overlays required where the existing infrastructure is at capacity and cannot be used as per the design.

4: Build (the roadworks)

Where we’re unable to use existing infrastructure, we will need to undergo street works to physically install the fibre in the area. This will involve setting up temporary roadworks whist our teams are working the area to install the new network in the ground.

Before we can commence any street works however, we must first apply for the appropriate permits from Cornwall Council. Once approved, residents will be notified in advance and you will start to see safety barriers in areas where our teams are working to help keep you, our teams and the community safe. Rest assured that these will only be up for a short time whilst we undertake the street works and we will remove them as soon as we can.

We understand that these roadworks may cause some inconvenience, but we always endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum and access will be maintained throughout the works.

5: Lighting the fibre

Many people assume that once the street works have been completed, the network is ready. However, there is one more stage we have to go through before you can enjoy access to your new Full Fibre broadband.

Once the fibre cabling has been installed, our network team have to light it up. This is where fibre is blown into the customer connection point (known as the Secondary Node). Our teams then literally pass light through the fibre cable, and this is when the network is then active and ready to be connected to your home.

6: Connecting the fibre network to your property

Once all of the above stages have been completed, you’re now ready to be connected to your new Full Fibre broadband service! The team doing the installation will contact you to arrange a convenient time to access your property so they can connect you to the new network. This usually won’t take long and once connected, you’ll have access to some of the fastest, most reliable internet speeds in the UK.

Project Gigabit is improving lives, driving productivity and unlock exciting new opportunities for local people

Homes and businesses across Cornwall are already enjoying the benefits of Full Fibre broadband from Wildanet, thanks to funding from Project Gigabit.

Ellen Morris who lives in mid Cornwall, with her partner and two-and-a-half-year-old son, said the new broadband service had been transformational for the family.

“We were getting a 30 to 40Mbps service previously over copper wires but with fibre we’re now getting speeds of about 200Mbps. The new service is more reliable and also offers complete coverage within our home, whereas previously we were limited to the front room for good internet. It’s made a huge difference for us. My father and uncle live in the same village and have also signed up for the service and a number of our friends and neighbours are also making the switch.”

Meet the Hoyle family who have seen a huge improvement in their broadband since making the switch to Full Fibre.

Gigabit Broadband for Your Business

Having access to a fast, reliable internet connection has become a necessity for most businesses. A gigabit connection gives your business the reassurance of having access to the fastest and most reliable internet speeds available today.

Plus, gigabit broadband provides opportunities for your business to make significant efficiency savings, improve communications throughout your business with digital telephony solutions, increase security with Cloud-based data back-up options, and provide enhanced services to your customers.

Keeping you up to date

If you’re located in one of the above mentioned areas that will benefit from this new Full Fibre network, register your contact details below and we’ll keep you updated with progress on the project and let you know when the new network has been installed in your area.

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