Why choose Wildanet?

Wildanet is a Cornish internet service provider bringing hyperfast and super-reliable broadband services to homes, businesses and communities throughout Cornwall.

Unlike other parts of the UK, Cornwall still has countless communities suffering from poor quality internet connection, making life harder for many families and businesses in these areas and putting them at a distinct disadvantage to the rest of the UK. Wildanet is working to change this.

We're based in Liskeard, where we employ over 100 people. Our broadband network currently covers around 1/3 of Cornwall and we’re expanding this all the time.


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We're investing £50m into Cornwall

We’re investing £50 million to build a brand new high-speed broadband network to connect many areas of Cornwall that are still without access to fast, reliable internet, and creating many new jobs in the process.

Our new broadband network will be able to deliver speeds of up to one gigabit. That's around 40 times faster than the average connection in Cornwall.

Specialists in Home Working & Business Broadband

Not only do we provide great internet across Cornwall, but we know what it’s like to live and work in Cornwall with some of the limitations from existing providers. That means we know the frustrations of trying to deal with everyday life with slow, unreliable internet, and that’s why we’ve set out to bring Full-Fibre broadband to the county, including the areas previously missed out by others. 

For homes, that means we can provide better access to online gaming, video calls with the family, cosy nights in with your favourite streaming platform and more people being able to use the internet without a noticeable drop in performance. While also providing business owners with reliable internet without fear of downtime, more bandwidth than ever before to download and upload important files,uninterrupted video conferences, and the power to do it all from home when you need to.

We care about Devon & Cornwall

Our commitment doesn’t end with our phone and internet services. We’re committed to giving back through initiatives such as our Kit24 campaign, community support work and apprenticeship schemes are all just some of the things we do to try and share technology and skills with the wider area

As a team that lives and works in Cornwall & Devon, we know how hard it can be when you feel cut-off from the rest of the UK, which is why we’re helping to support businesses, communities and individuals by levelling the playing field by giving people the same level of access seen in larger parts of the UK.



Speeds that rival the ‘Big’ ISPs

Our fastest Full-Fibre package gives you a full gigabyte (1,000 mbps) download speeds, and 200 megabyte (200mbps) upload speeds. That’s as fast as some of the UK’s biggest internet service providers, and the fastest you’ll find anywhere in Devon and Cornwall. 

We understand that not everyone needs the very fastest download speeds though, so we also provide packages fast enough to let you do the important bits in life, and with the industry-leading reliability that comes with Full-Fibre broadband. You’ll also get the full support of our engineers and customer support team should you ever need it. 

Getting internet in ‘hard to reach’ places

One thing that makes us unique is that we’re not afraid to go where other ISPs won’t. Thanks to Project Gigabit and secured funding, we’ve got everything we need to roll-out better internet to areas that haven’t been a priority for others in the past.  

We’re firm believers that the price of living in a picturesque part of the country shouldn’t be restricted access to essential services in the 21st century, and that there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to get the same download speeds as London in Liskeard, the reliability of Cardiff in Callington or the connectivity of Dublin in Dobwalls. 

What makes Wildanet different from
other broadband providers?

We're local

We’re based in Cornwall, with offices
in Liskeard, Redruth and Pensilva.

We’re easy to contact

All our calls answered in 60 seconds or less.
No more waiting on hold for hours on end!

Creating new jobs
for local people

We're helping to create hundreds of jobs locally.

Investing in Cornwall
and the South West

We’re investing over £50million building a brand
new digital network to support the upgrade of
the UK’s digital infrastructure.