New Wildanet service has been transformational for Lanivet family

Wildanet’s new service has been transformational for Ellen Morris and her family, who live in the village of Lanivet, in Mid Cornwall.

Their home was among the first 1,000 homes to be connected to Full Fibre broadband as part of a £36 million project being delivered by Wildanet to bring gigabit-capable broadband to almost 20,000 people living and working in rural Cornwall.

For Ellen, who lives with her partner Michael and their two-and-a-half-year-old son, the difference has been instant.

She said: “We were getting a 30 to 40Mbps service previously over copper wires but with fibre we’re now getting speeds of about 200Mbps. More than that, the new service is more reliable and also offers complete coverage within our home, whereas previously we were pretty much limited to the front room for good internet.

“It means we can use laptops, smart TV and streaming services in all parts of the house; we don’t have to worry about how many devices are connected either, it copes with it all brilliantly. And we are looking forward to being able to get coverage out into the garden in the summer.

“My partner is self-employed and has to file regular returns with HMRC, including uploading documents and receipts to the HMRC website. Uploads could take up to 15 minutes with our old service but are now completed in seconds and the stability of the service makes completing online forms and filing this information much easier.

“It’s made a huge difference for us. My father and uncle live in the same village and have also signed up for the service and a number of our friends and neighbours are also making the switch.

“I’d definitely recommend Wildanet.”

For more information about Wildanet’s range of Home Broadband services, click here or call 0800 0699906

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