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“Wildanet’s full fibre broadband has been great because we just know it's reliable and it always works."

Why are so many people switching their
broadband to Wildanet?

Redruth Rugby Club

Redruth Rugby Club

“The internet before Wildanet were involved was really poor… Wildanet came in, sorted it out and we haven’t looked back. The whole process from start to finish was brilliant.”

Kelynack Holidays

Kelynack Holidays

“The biggest difference it’s made to my business is peace of mind. It’s made campers a lot happier too. And it’s taken the stress out of my job. I would definitely recommend Wildanet; they’ve been really good to me and nothing seems to have been too much trouble.”

“I would absolutely recommend them, especially down here where it’s geographically really difficult to get decent Wi-Fi in a lot of places"

"The new internet service with Wildanet has made such a difference to our business."

"The installation was quick and easy and the staff have been superb, I would highly recommend them."

"I would never go with anyone else now. Switch to Wildanet, great customer service and you won't be let down with internet speeds"

Mandy explains how Wildanet has made a huge difference to her life, helping her to connect with her grandchildren during these uncertain times.