Upgrade your home to Superfast, Full Fibre Broadband today

Get our Fixed Price Promise on all Full Fibre packages. Glitch-free, unlimited data usage, lightning-fast fibre, with lightning speeds up to 1 Gig. Survey, Install and connection included.

  • Connected Home

    £29 /month

    Super reliable speeds to keep your home connected

    For browsing, email and social media. Ideal for homes with 2 or 3 people using the internet at the same time.

    200 Mbps download speed

    40 Mbps upload speed

  • Modern Household

    £49 /month

    Speeds to keep up with multi-device, always-on modern lifestyles

    Great for streaming, working, shopping & smart home devices - all at the same time.

    500 Mbps download speed

    100 Mbps upload speed

  • Super User

    £69 /month

    Serious speeds for lag free gaming, streaming and chatting across multiple devices.

    Best for uninterrupted winning.

    1 Gig download speeds

    200 Mbps upload speeds

Full Fibre broadband is the future of the internet. Using fibre optic cables, it connects you right to the exchange, which gives you faster speeds and greater reliability than ‘fibre’ broadband, which most broadband still relies on.

Full Fibre broadband connects straight to the exchange (which is why it’s called “fibre to the property, or FTTP for short), while fibre broadband (also known as part-fibre broadband, “fibre to the cabinet”, or FTTC) is connected to copper cables which then lead to the exchange.

As the copper cables are less reliable and the pass data slower than Full Fibre-optic cables, Full Fibre is a great way to connect homes across the country to faster upload and download speeds that won’t let them down.

Why are so many people switching
their broadband to Wildanet?

Upgrading the UK’s Digital Infrastructure

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

The UK government is committed to upgrading the UK’s digital infrastructure.

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (administered by the Department for Media, Sport, and Culture - DCMS) was introduced by the UK government to help providers like Wildanet bring gigabit broadband to those in rural areas without access to fast, reliable broadband.

The work Wildanet is doing to roll-out a new digital network, which is part of the national upgrade of digital infrastructure taking place across the whole of the UK.

As well as providing people with access to high-speed broadband, this work is necessary to replace the old copper network which is being retired in 2025.

What makes Wildanet different from
other broadband providers?

We're local

We’re based in Cornwall, with offices
in Liskeard, Redruth and Pensilva.

We’re easy to contact

All our calls answered in 60 seconds or less.
No more waiting on hold for hours on end!

Creating new jobs
for local people

We're helping to create hundreds of jobs locally.

Investing in Cornwall
and the South West

We’re investing over £50million building a brand
new digital network to support the upgrade of
the UK’s digital infrastructure.