Your questions answered

Great news! – All our packages come with unlimited data usage so you can stream and download to your heart’s content. Our Fair Usage Policy can be accessed here.

We guarantee our speed direct to the property as it is our own network. At this point, your speed will depend on how many other users are online at a given time.

Our network has been designed to battle the Cornish weather which means any heavy rainfall, storms, thick snow (yes it happens) and other conditions should have minimal impact on your services.

Simply no. Wildanet do not use the old copper lines and is all wireless meaning that you will not have to pay any line rental for something that you may not want or use.

We can offer VoIP (Voice over IP) which utilises your internet connection to make and receive calls. You can even retain your existing landline number. Speak to our sales team discuss what options are available to you on 0800 0699906 or [email protected]

All these platforms will work perfectly on our network without interruptions or buffering (say goodbye to that spinning circle).

On average our install takes only a couple of hours. We’ll inform you if the job is likely to be longer than this with reasons and provide a suitable timeframe around you.

Typically, we can get you up and running within a few weeks from order if you’re within our coverage areas. If you happen to fall out of our existing network area, we’ll keep you updated with our expansions in your area.

This will depend on your property and the build internally. Wireless signal can be blocked by thick walls, glass, objects and the distance it needs to reach. Generally, coverage will reach all locations in a small to medium sized property.

Wildanet can only guarantee speeds and service to the router location. If you believe that you may need some extra requirements for coverage, please contact us and we will be able to help and make recommendations to help cover your full property with high speeds.

As we are using a wireless connection and not the cable coming into your property, you’ll need to contact your existing supplier and cancel services.

We understand what it's like when everyone is back from university and streaming or gaming a lot. With Wildanet, you can upgrade or downgrade your package on a monthly basis to accommodate your broadband needs. Just give our Customer Services a call on 0800 0699906 who will be happy to set this up for you. 

Smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa / Google Home are compatible with our broadband services. CCTV may require a Public/Static IP to allow remote access. Discuss your requirements with our Sales Team by calling 0800 0699906 or email [email protected]

Residential customers will be set up for their monthly subscription on a Direct Debit through GoCardless. Your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee offer by all building societies and banks who accept Direct Debits.

Business customers have the option of Direct Debit or bank transfer upon invoicing.