Why choose Wildanet?

Say goodbye to slow and unreliable broadband

Wildanet is the Cornish broadband provider bringing superfast and super-reliable service to homes and businesses throughout the region.

Our customers are at the heart of Wildanet - so you can be confident that we put you and yours first. Our mission is to help Cornish homes and businesses that have been overlooked and underserviced by larger providers by providing a guaranteed fast and reliable internet solution.

But our commitment to connecting communities doesn't stop there - we're installing WiFi in village halls and community centres for residents to access, for free.

Our team, from customer services to the installation engineers, are dedicated to supporting the people of Cornwall and are always on hand to make sure you're up to speed.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring fast, reliable internet to homes and businesses in communities like yours.

Whether you're in the city, the countryside or coastal town, you should have a good internet connection - not one that only just works, or only works some of the time. Unfortunately, that's the situation many areas are left in by some of the UK's larger internet providers - their networks simply can't reach every address, leaving many communities digitally stranded.

We take a different approach to internet service. One that soars above tired copper cables. It's a high-tech, low-hassle broadband solution that will keep your home or business reliably connected.

The Wildanet team is a group of advanced network engineers, communication experts and customer service specialists.

We saw first-hand how some communities are being routinely overlooked and under serviced by larger internet service providers - so, we decided to put our industry expertise and experience to good use and do something about it.

How are we different?

We're different because we guarantee our speeds, whereas other providers guarantee an ‘up to' speed'.

So - with our 30Mbps package, our speed balancing technology means that your average speed will be guaranteed at 30Mbps overall. You'll actually find that most of the time you receive just above your package speed.

In contrast, while another provider might advertise speeds of up to 76Mbps, that's the speed available to 50% of their customers - so you're unlikely to ever see the speeds you're paying for.

How it works

Wildanet's internet doesn't get trapped in copper wires. Instead, our expert team connects communities in Cornwall using our network.

From there, the broadband signal is received by a hub in your area that connects to individual properties and businesses. This way, our network shares reliable internet signal at guaranteed speeds.

Owning our infrastructure means there's no middleman - and we're always on hand to help. So, if you, your business or your community have been left behind by other providers, we're the alternative you've been looking for.

What about installation?

Installing Wildanet at your home or business is easy. As part of your enquiry, we'll do a quick location check to ensure your home or business is in range, and in line of sight to one of our hubs.

Next, we'll arrange a convenient date for the installation. We'll also give you a call the day before to double check it's still convenient for you.

On the day itself, one of our friendly engineers will meet you at your property. They will position your receiver to ensure the best possible connectivity and advise you on the best place for your WiFi router.

Once everything is in place, we will run a speed test to check that you're receiving the speed you signed up for.

The final step is testing the router and activating your monthly subscription, leaving you and your family, or your business, to enjoy guaranteed super-fast, reliable internet. Simple.