Connecting you to some of the fastest internet speeds in the UK

Full Fibre Broadband is coming to Dartington

Work is underway to install a new high-speed full-fibre broadband network in the Dartington area. Once installed, it will provide the area with access to some of the fastest and most reliable broadband speeds anywhere in the UK.

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At Wildanet, we believe everyone should have the freedom to enjoy access to the opportunities that high-speed broadband provides. Whether that’s working from home, streaming movies and TV on-demand, online gaming, using online services or simply just connecting with friends and family.

And yet, Cornwall and Devon still have countless communities suffering from poor quality internet connection, making life harder for many families and businesses in these areas and putting them at a distinct disadvantage to the rest of the UK. Wildanet is working to change this, which is why we’re bringing our new high speed full fibre broadband network to your area.

Your Questions Answered

The UK government is committed to upgrading the UK’s digital infrastructure.

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (administered by the Department for Media, Sport and Culture - DCMS) was introduced by the UK government to help internet service providers like Wildanet bring gigabit broadband to those in rural areas without access to fast, reliable broadband.

The work Wildanet is doing in the area is part of the national upgrade of digital infrastructure taking place across the whole of the UK, giving many thousands of people access to high-speed broadband and digital connectivity for generations to come.

As well as providing people with access to high speed broadband, this work is also necessary to replace the old copper network which is being retired in 2025.

In order to install the new full fibre broadband network in your area, we will need to undergo street works in the area. We’re working closely with our construction partners to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Our teams will need to cut a small trench in the ground in areas where the fibre is being installed. The fibre cabling is then laid inside and then covered over and replaced with new tarmac.

The trench is typically up to 30cm wide and up to 45cm deep.

You will start to see safety barriers in areas where our teams are working to help keep you and the community safe. Rest assured that these will only be up for a short time whilst we undertake the street works. We’ll have them out of your way as soon as we can.

We understand these street works may cause some inconvenience, but access will be maintained throughout the works to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum.

We will only be in your street for the shortest amount of time possible to ensure the works are completed to a high standard and safely. This is typically no more than a number of weeks and we will be out of the way as quickly as possible.

Should you require any assistance whilst this work is taking place, please speak with a member of the construction team, who will be happy to help.

You can also contact our team directly on 0800 0699906 or email should you experience any issues, whilst the construction work is taking place. Contacting us directly will enable our team to investigate and resolve any issues as swiftly as possible.

We’re working with our contractors to try and keep any disruption to an absolute minimum during the upcoming street works. However, we appreciate there may be times when things don’t always go to plan.

Whether good or bad, we want to hear from you so we can deal with any issues promptly and keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

The best way to report any feedback is to contact our team directly on 0800 0699906 or email Reporting any feedback to us directly will enable our team to investigate and resolve any issues as swiftly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we carry out this essential digital infrastructure upgrade work.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we carry out this essential digital infrastructure upgrade work.

Why are so many people switching their
broadband to Wildanet?

Redruth Rugby Club

Redruth Rugby Club

“The internet before Wildanet were involved was really poor… Wildanet came in, sorted it out and we haven’t looked back. The whole process from start to finish was brilliant.”

Kelynack Holidays

Kelynack Holidays

“The biggest difference it’s made to my business is peace of mind. It’s made campers a lot happier too. And it’s taken the stress out of my job. I would definitely recommend Wildanet; they’ve been really good to me and nothing seems to have been too much trouble.”

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What makes Wildanet different from
other broadband providers?

We're local

We’re based in Cornwall, with offices
in Liskeard, Redruth and Pensilva.

We’re easy to contact

All our calls answered in 30 seconds or less.
No more waiting on hold for hours on end!

Creating new jobs
for local people

We're helping to create hundreds of jobs locally.

Investing in Cornwall
and the South West

We’re investing over £50million building a brand
new digital network to support the upgrade of
the UK’s digital infrastructure.