What are the Advantages of Full Fibre Broadband?

We delve into the advantages of Full Fibre Broadband, no matter whether you’re a gamer, business-owner or just use the internet to keep in touch with family.

Full Fibre broadband is the future of the internet. Using fibre optic cables directly to your property, it gives you faster speeds and greater reliability than standard Fibre broadband, which most homes and businesses still rely on. 

In this blog, we delve into the advantages that come with Full Fibre, for homes and businesses across Cornwall and Devon.


What is Full Fibre Broadband?

The term Full Fibre can be thrown around without much description of how it differs to the standard Fibre that most of us are used to. Previously known as Fibre Broadband, it’s now often referred to as ‘Partial Fibre’. This is because, although fibre optic cables make up most of the network, copper wiring is used to connect these cables from a street cabinet into your home. 

This is why standard or partial fibre is often known as ‘FTTC’, standing for ‘Fibre To The  Cabinet’. You may hear Full Fibre being referred to as ‘FTTP’, standing for ‘Fibre To The Property’. Full Fibre broadband connects straight from the property to the exchange through Fibre Optic Cables, contributing an array of advantages when compared to FTTC. 


Enhanced Reliability

Full Fibre broadband is a much more reliable option than Partial Fibre broadband or FTTC, as it is less prone to dropouts or interference. Due to standard Fibre broadband using copper wiring to connect the street cabinet to your home, it is much more susceptible to interference from external factors. Extreme weather is a common aspect that can interfere with your internet. Not to mention the longer the line of copper wiring it takes to reach you, the slower the speed is at the end of it. 

These two factors are most prominent in more rural areas, which is why typically people living rurally will find their broadband to be very slow. However, Full Fibre removes this issue due to the Fibre Optic Cable running directly to your home, with no copper wiring in sight! 

Full Fibre tends to have a higher bandwidth, offering faster download speeds from the get-go while being able to handle more data and devices without slowing down. This means you can rely on Full Fibre to keep you connected, whether it’s a peak time or during bad weather.

Environmental Sustainability

An often overlooked aspect of broadband is its environmental impact. Sustainability is an undeniably important factor, especially throughout Devon and Cornwall and one we prioritise at Wildanet

A major advantage of the Fibre Optic Cables used in Full Fibre broadband, is that they consume less energy and create less waste than their copper counterparts. As well as there being fewer electrical components required, the hardware used is smaller and easier to recycle. Furthermore, the longevity and durability of Fibre Optic Cables minimise the need for frequent maintenance and replacements, in turn conserving resources and reducing waste. By embracing Full Fibre broadband, we can continue striving for sustainability.


Future-Proof Technology

An important benefit of Full Fibre broadband is that it’s future-proof, meaning it is able to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for more efficient internet. Fibre Optic Cables have a much longer lifespan than copper wires, of which most have already outlived their lifespan. Not only does this lend itself to the sustainability benefits of Full Fibre, however it also can give homeowners peace of mind. Allowing them to get on with what’s important to them, knowing they have a reliable internet solution for decades to come. This ability to minimally impact people’s lifestyles is why Full Fibre is such an amazing solution. 


Empowering Rural Business

An amazing advantage of Full Fibre is the limitations it would remove from businesses that are currently using a FTTC system. For most businesses in Cornwall and Devon, Fibre To The Cabinet broadband has been the only option. Meaning they are susceptible to common interferences and dropouts. However, by reaching more businesses and houses with Full Fibre, it will be able to cater for their higher demand for high-speed internet, requiring good broadband to be productive and efficient. 

Full Fibre is also able to better accommodate the growing workforce of individuals that work from home or in a remote role, in order to not limit their lifestyle. By introducing Full Fibre to businesses in Cornwall, it will empower individuals to work in a way that suits them, as well as delivering a solution to businesses that doesn’t restrict their growth and opportunities.


Advantages of Full Fibre at home

Full Fibre at home comes with multiple benefits, from seamless streaming to glitch free video calling with friends. Thanks to its higher bandwidth and increased capabilities with download and upload speed, what may have been a frustrating task in the past is made easy and fast. Due to Full Fibre featuring Fibre Optic Cables straight to your home, there are no slower loading times during peak hours because everyone on your street is using the internet at the same time. Take a look at our home broadband packages and reap the rewards of Full Fibre.


Do I need Full Fibre?

Full Fibre is able to reach lightning-speeds of up to 1GB, however this isn’t necessary for everyone. Full Fibre comes with a range of benefits aside from speed, one of which being enhanced reliability, which makes it a great choice for all types of internet users. That’s why we offer a range of packages, designed to serve a range of clients. Unless you are gaming or have a large quantity of devices on one network, it’s likely that 1GB of download speeds would be overkill. Especially with many people just using the internet to do online banking and check their emails. That’s where we would recommend going with one of our lower-end packages. In summary, although Full Fibre is often synonymous with ‘Ultra-fast’ speeds, we understand this may not be the main advantage to you personally. Where a package such as our ‘Connected Home’ would be more appropriate.


Experience the Advantages of Full Fibre with Wildanet

From reliability to sustainability, the benefits of Full Fibre are vast and undeniable. At Wildanet, we are bringing Full Fibre to both homes and businesses across Cornwall and Devon. Check your postcode to see if we have reached your location, and take a look at our latest news and resources to keep up to date!