Game On with double the speed, and no
in-contract price rises. Guaranteed.

We're bursting the bad broadband bubble. Right now we're giving you double download and upload speeds with 200Mbps broadband for the price of our 100Mbps plan.

  • Double your download and upload speeds for 24 months 

    Double Welcome Offer

    £25 /month

    Double Bubble! Boost your speeds for less

    Connect your home with fast, reliable, fibre broadband

    200 Mbps download speed (normally 100)

    40 Mbps upload speed (normally 20)

  • Connected Home

    £29 /month

    Super reliable speeds to keep your home connected

    For browsing, email and social media. Ideal for homes with 2 or 3 people using the internet at the same time.

    200 Mbps download speed

    40 Mbps upload speed

  • Modern Household

    £49 /month

    Speeds to keep up with multi-device, always-on modern lifestyles

    Great for streaming, working, shopping & smart home devices - all at the same time.

    500 Mbps download speed

    100 Mbps upload speed

  • Super User

    £69 /month

    Serious speeds for lag free gaming, streaming and chatting across multiple devices.

    Best for uninterrupted winning.

    1 Gig download speeds

    200 Mbps upload speeds

For more info call our team on 0800 069 9906