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Broadband for hybrid working or self-employed:

Working from home, side hustle or scale up, your business needs superfast broadband and reliable telephony on your side.  Wildanet gives you all the connectivity tools you need.

Get our Fixed Price Promise on all Full Fibre packages

Full Fibre with Unlimited data usage. Perfect for all your business needs.

  • Business 200

    £46 /month

    Flexible Workers

    Work quickly and securely. And still have bandwidth to share with the family

    Free router, connection and installation

    200 Mbps download speed

    100 Mbps upload speed

  • Business 400

    £56 /month

    Home Workers

    High speed video calls, collaboration, create and save quickly and securely.

    Free router, connection and installation

    400 Mbps download speed

    200 Mbps upload speed

  • Business 900

    £69 /month

    Home Offices

    Use ecommerce and CRM services worry-free on our low latency, superfast Fibre

    Free router, connection and installation

    900 Mbps download speed

    450 Mbps upload speed

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WiFi SuperPods

Connected in every corner

Most homes have connectivity blind spots: under-the stairs home offices, attic conversions or just traditional nooks and crannies. 

SuperPods are an effective, affordable solution to make sure working from home becomes working from anywhere in your house, while everyone else gets the speeds they need wherever they are.

  • Extends coverage to those hard to reach places​
  • Great for large and multi-level spaces​
  • Easy to install – just plug in where needed & download the APP

Extra Control

On top of the extended network reach, SuperPods come with some clever added benefits: ​

  • ​Create separate zones for guests, or to help separate your home and work life
  • Control access and view usage via an APP

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Plume wifi device cluster with popcorn bucket
Landline phone with laptop on a pile of books


Phoneline+ is ideal for smaller businesses that need a telephony service and was designed with microbusinesses in mind.

With Phoneline+ your business can:

  • Never miss a call. Pick up incoming calls wherever you are on your phone, laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • Have a local or specific geographic area number, as well as a mobile number.
  • Assign separate numbers to different areas of your business and transfer calls between them.
  • Instantly see which number has been called, so you can answer the right way.
  • Set your out of hours and how calls are directed.
  • Hold, divert and forward calls to colleagues or external phones.
  • Monitor call patterns and usage trends.

As a microbusiness, with Phoneline+ you can have more than one number associated with your account so you can allocate different functions to those numbers and improve your customer service. 

Big business solutions for smaller companies. 

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