WestCountry Fruit Sales - Business Continuity

WestCountry Fruit Sales are the leading wholesaler of local, regional and imported produce in the South West of England. Their business has been built on ensuring that their customers enjoy market-leading levels of service and delivery frequency – deliveries as often as 7 days a week and up to three times a day, subject to location. Providing class leading customer service which delivers competitive advantage requires highly efficient processes and a communications infrastructure which is not only responsive but also reliable.

Like nearly all businesses, WestCountry are highly dependent on their communications systems with any disruption to service likely to lead to business continuity issues which negatively impact their customers. 

Based in Falmouth, WestCountry have historically relied on a single internet service provider to provide their broadband connectivity. Their location meant that the provision of an alternative fibre backup fibre would have been extremely costly requiring the installation of a separate connection at a cost of many thousands of pounds.

Wildanet, the independent provider of internet services, created a backup broadband connection for WestCountry using their wireless technology, which was quick and efficient to install, and which delivered significant installation cost savings as there was no requirement to bring an extra fibre connection to the premises.

Thanks to Wildanet, WestCountry now have an automatic back up system which automatically takes over in the event of any service outage from their existing supplier.

Wildanet specialise in providing internet service connectivity for businesses in areas which are poorly served by other suppliers.