Time to check if that bundle
is still working for you?

 'All in one' deals have a habit of creeping up over the years.

Do you really get value for money or is time to ditch the unwatched channels and start saving?


  • Connected Home

    £29 /month

    Super reliable speeds to keep your home connected

    For browsing, email and social media. Ideal for homes with 2 or 3 people using the internet at the same time.

    200 Mbps download speed

    40 Mbps upload speed

  • Modern Household

    £49 /month

    Speeds to keep up with multi-device, always-on modern lifestyles

    Great for streaming, working, shopping & smart home devices - all at the same time.

    500 Mbps download speed

    100 Mbps upload speed

  • Super User

    £69 /month

    Serious speeds for lag free gaming, streaming and chatting across multiple devices.

    Best for uninterrupted winning.

    1 Gig download speeds

    200 Mbps upload speeds

Wildanet Broadband PLUS the channels you
actually watch could save you ££’s


  • 500 Mbps Broadband
  • Netflix
  • Now TV
    £63 p/m


  • 500 Mbps Broadband
  • TV Channels
    £84 p/m

Fixed Price Promise on your broadband

  • No price hikes for duration of your contract

TV Streaming to suit you

  • Switch on and off again to match your viewing time

In contract price rises

  • Not to mention the price creep each year

Long term lock in

  • One price whether you want it all or not

*Illustrations show example packages

10% off Modern Household and Super User packages
until midnight on Tuesday 30th April 2024

Fixed Price Promise: no price hikes in contract, guaranteed.

Offer can not be used with any other offers/discounts. Applies to new connections to Full Fibre specified packages only.

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