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“I would absolutely recommend them, especially down here where it’s geographically really difficult to get decent Wi-Fi in a lot of places"

"The internet before Wildanet were involved was really poor… Wildanet came, in sorted it out and we haven’t looked back. The whole process from start to finish was brilliant."

"Its made my life a lot easier. I would definitely recommend Wildanet. They've been really good to me and nothing seemed to be too much trouble."

"I would recommend Wildanet to anybody, it's the only way you're going to get decent broadband"

"I would never go with anyone else now. Switch to Wildanet, great customer service and you won't be let down with internet speeds"

Wildanet has really helped Adele's business

During these times of uncertainty we have helped Adele really connect with her customers.

Wildanet's broadband helped Mandy connect with her grandchildren

Mandy explains how Wildanet has made a huge difference to her life, helping her to connect with her grandchildren during these uncertain times.

Superb customer service, easy installation, excellent speed!

  • We couldn't get fibre in our location and all other companies could only provide extremely slow speeds. Wildanet solved our problems and delivered fast internet. We can now work from home with an excellent internet connection. I don't know what I will do with all of my spare time now that I don't have to call up our service provider and complain.

Ashley Duling

The speeds are excellent!

  • Wildanet started to install fibre in my area, we signed up for the 200 mb package and the speeds as are excellent, we regularly get 150+ download and 99+ upload. TV picture quality is improved and no more buffering.
  • The installation was quick and easy and the staff have been superb, I would highly recommend them.

Adam Hodgkins

From the moment we discovered Wildanet through a friend, to the completion of our broadband installation, we can truly say we had one of the best customer service experiences ever!

We were having trouble with another broadband supplier, and having given up on them we contacted Wildanet. We were asking if they could hook us up within a week of our opening day here at Lowlands Brewing, which we thought was a bit of a long shot. However, they managed to get their team out to do the survey and installation two working days after we had enquired...

Absolutely incredible! If you are in need of any type of broadband service in Cornwall, do not hesitate to get in touch with Wildanet, we cannot recommend them enough!

Hugo Roads and George Collins of Bluntrock Brewery.

A really friendly, prompt and proactive service, we would definitely recommend!

Wildanet carried out a site survey, worked with our IT team to incorporate into our current network and guided us through the process of applying for relevant grants available, which we wouldn’t have otherwise know about… A really friendly, prompt and proactive service, we would definitely recommend!

Britannia Lanes of Cornwall

I couldn't be happier with the service and highly recommend them to anyone

  • When I moved into a house on the Roseland Peninsula my first call was Wildanet as they were recommended by my agent. They arrived on the day we moved in and installed a small aerial on my chimney.  Since then I have had truly excellent, reliable 50Mb internet that allows me to work from home full time, constantly on Zoom calls as well as streaming Netflix in the evenings.  On the rare occasion I have had an issue, a quick email to their support team has seem it resolved rapidly.  I couldn't be happier with the service and highly recommend them to anyone.

Oli Farago

Definitely recommend if your fibre options are limited

  • We live in a small village with no access to FTTP fibre so we were stuck with less than 20 Mb downloads. Decided to try wildanet and finally were able to get 50 Mb. Customer service is great and they have let us know when the service is expected to be down for maintenance. Other than that just had the service gone once or twice. Our usage is mostly browsing and streaming with light gaming and no problems. Also worked from home fine for a while. Definitely recommend if your fibre options are limited.
  • Rogelio Rodriguez

I'm happy to pay for the great customer service

  • Started with BT in a small Cornish village with a 2mb on a good day. Wildanet set me up with 4g wifi. Generally around 10 to 15 mb and usable. Recently they contacted me with an upgrade offer and now hitting 30 mg plus. You could possibly get it cheap but I'm happy to pay for the great customer service.

Optime Energy

We have had no buffering and everybody is happy with the service

  • We have had the service for just over 6 months and only had one technical issue which required a reboot of the system. Otherwise we get good speeds at or close to 50mps. In the evening we often have 6 people accessing the internet and many of them streaming. We have had no buffering and everybody is happy with the service.

Patrick Shanley

Just wanted to recognise your engineers that installed my internet today

    • It was a particularly challenging installation, and they remained positive and helpful throughout.

    Although plans had to change from the initial survey, this was done without complaint, and with a high degree of professionalism.

    It could be said that this is what they are paid to do, but as someone who works in a customer facing role, I know these are rare qualities to find.

    Please ensure as a company they are recognised for the effort they put in, particularly during this challenging time.

  • Sarah Henniker

Amazing quick installation, really friendly and personal customer service, thank god we don’t have to deal with ‘BT’ anymore!

  • Wildanet have been a breath of fresh air and now we can do normal things with our internet like watch films, listen to music and at the same time! (Previously if one was watching a film the other couldn’t even get on the internet) now I can work from home seemlessly and quickly and do all the things decent internet allows, it feels amazing! Thank you Wildanet.

Tracy Dobson

We had Wildanet internet installed by two fantastic engineers yesterday very professional and helpful!

  • Over the moon with the speeds we're getting now compared to the less than ridiculous less than half a Mbps we were getting from BT.

David Sylvester

Great experience with this company!

  • Always great customer service and our internet for the farmhouse works amazingly even with the big family we have here.

Ally Watkins

The installation crew were friendly and professional and their customer service is excellent. Thank you Wildanet.

    • As a family who play a lot of console games we need fast reliable Internet. Our previous provider was providing us with Internet that was slow at peak times and if all the consoles were downloading updates and people were streaming video the Internet became unusable. With Wildanet took 3 consoles around 5 minutes to download an update that would have taken all night on our previous network. The installation crew were friendly and professional and their customer service is excellent. Thank you Wildanet.

Vanessa King

Dealing with Wildanet has been a joy!

    • Being a rural pub is hard at the best of times, being a rural pub with speeds of... wait for it 0.5 Mbps has been frustrating for us as well as our customers.

    We are now able to give customers access through the whole building. But most of all, at the end of a busy shift, I can download films, search for whatever I like. We can play online games.

    Wildanet, thank you, I never knew having decent internet would transform our little village so much.

Claire Murray

Great line speed and quick to install

  • Great line speed and quick to install.

Ralph Singleton

A company that puts their customers first and a great product

  • Jonathan Critchley

I just did a speedtest and it was running at nearly 60Mbps, how good is that!

    • We've been using Wildanet for nearly a year as we can't get anything more than dialup in our location. The setup was real easy, the product definitely works as claimed, the price is right. Very happy to recommend them.

      Mark Bullen

Fantastic company, sorted out our internet problems. Highly recommended.

  • We are delighted with your service, and you are a local company, just a phone call away. Thank You!

    Jacqui Punter

Highly recommended and our bills are cheaper

Running a small business was a nightmare with our previous (very well known) supplier. Having Wildanet installed has made a huge difference to my business and my family. Very happy customers.

Jules Wivell - JW Jewellery Design


My parents have your service and it's amazing

They'd tried many broadband suppliers over the years and always had the slowest speed - they're so remote and the last people on the exchange. Now, with your service they're able to use their laptop, have got Netflix, can get catch up tv, several people can be using the service without it slowing. Absolute game changer for them. Thank you.

Peta Morley Howard


Since having Wildanet, films download instantly and my wife can use her laptop which means she can work from home.

Darryl Buckler

My family think the lightning fast internet is amazing

We've got 3 children and they're really delighted. The internet access in this area was very poor before. The new broadband will make a huge difference.

Andy Bray