Satellite image of Wildanet's wireless broadband coverage on the Lizard Peninsula

Wildanet increases coverage to over 6,500 homes

In the last 4 weeks Wildanet has increased its network footprint by over 50% to pass over 6500 premises.
This now means that we are now providing coverage to 80% of the Lizard Peninsula at this point with more locations soon to follow. This expansion equates to approximately 1300 premises passed per month since our first connection in June, and who are now capable of connecting to our advanced network.

These are all ‘On-net’ customers meaning that any of the premises we have built past could be connected straight away.

The rate of expansion is one of the reasons why our wireless infrastructure is proving to be popular. We are getting to customers far quicker than traditional methods. Our recent deployment in the last couple of weeks includes Lamanva, Treverva and Halvasso which totals nearly 60 properties.

Our message is getting out there with new customers signing up every week with hundreds awaiting connection. We've had brilliant feedback from our live customers who are so so glad to be able to finally use the internet for streaming movies, playing online games and remote working.

As our equipment and network links are all under our control, it is optimised to deliver services and quality that users will want today and for many years to come. Our sales teams are busy in these areas letting people know how their connectivity can be improved.

Our recent CrowdCube campaign which has started very successfully will enable us to increase our network deployment and push on at an even faster rate. We aim to provide coverage to 100,000 homes within the next 3 years.

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