Why choose a wireless internet service

Why Choose a Wireless Internet Service?

Wireless internet is a relatively new technology for domestic consumers in the UK. Most people have become used to the concept of their broadband service coming through a copper phone cable or a fibre optic cable.

In some areas however, the provision of newly required fibre optic infrastructure to allow faster data transmission (more bandwidth), is often not deemed to be cost effective by the major providers where there are only a small number of consumers. This leaves rural communities using legacy copper cabling and sharing a minimal amount of bandwidth.

In today's world of on-demand television, video streaming, gaming and online shopping, this causes a bottleneck of service and leaves people with slower than acceptable internet speeds.

Wildanet have an alternative solution - Superfast wireless broadband

Wildanet provides a new model of bypassing the traditional infrastructure route. We provide speeds that start from a consistent 30Mbps and can go up to 1Gbps. We use cutting edge wireless technology to send our signal wirelessly to a receiver installed on the side of your property or office.

This model of Wireless Internet Service Provision (WISP) has been used successfully across North America for over 2 decades. In the USA, the land mass is so great that this model of creating long range wireless networks, negates the need to dig long fibre ducts to properties, making wireless broadband connectivity cost effective for people in rural locations. There have been Wireless Internet Service Providers in North America since 1992.

Traditionally in the UK, most providers use the legacy cabling already installed by the original providers (normally BT), so will only be able to compete with them by offering lower prices or more attractive contracts. Unless a new infrastructure is installed, the bandwidth is still shared by all the providers and so the speeds remain the same.

The geography of Cornwall provides a challenging landscape for the major internet providers to provide improvement on what is, in some cases, cabling that is over half a century old.

Wildanet are providing a new network infrastructure using our own technology and paths of communication to the internet. Using this model, we can provide hard to reach areas with a new level of internet connectivity that may never arrive to them, given the landscape.

Choosing a wireless internet service in a rural area provides a connection to the internet via a whole new network. A faster, reliable network built to cope with the demands of modern online applications.


The benefits of our superfast wireless broadband

  • Guaranteed Download Speeds

    We don’t use the phrase “up to 30Mbps”. We use the phrase “from 30Mbps”. Our network infrastructure allows us to provide you with the speed you order. Unique in today’s world of “average speed” providers.

  • A More Efficient Business

    Trying to run a business on a slow connection restricts the amount of employees who can work at your office location. With a faster connection, all your staff can work to their full potential.

  • Less Bandwidth Contention

    By creating a new physical network, Wildanet users are using a network unshared by all other providers. This means that in the evening when everyone wants to use the internet, your speeds will stay consistent.

  • Streaming Without Buffering

    When using a slow network, the buffering icon that appears on your video tells you that your network can’t keep up. Our broadband is designed to allow you to stream movies, tv and video without interruption.

  • Improved Use of Cloud Services

    Cloud based services such as Office 365, Google Maps, data storage and social media will become a much quicker and more enjoyable experience.

  • Online Gaming in Real Time

    Online gaming requires a quick network with no latency (the delay before a transfer of data begins) Our network stays consistent in it’s speeds and has extremely low latency so is ideal for online gaming.

Now you don't need to compromise

At Wildanet, we don't hard sell our service. We understand that some are happy to use the internet minimally and don't wish to receive lightning fast broadband. No problem.

We're just offering an alternative for those that want to use all that the modern internet provides, without having the restrictions that living in rural locations can sometimes impose. These days, a fast internet connection is seen by some as a necessity to everyday living.

Why should you compromise on your internet just because of where you choose to live?
Now you don't have to...

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