Lightning Fast Internet For Hard To Reach Areas

Hello Cornwall. We’re Wildanet.
Wireless Internet Service Providers.

If you live in a rural or hard to reach area and have a slow internet connection, then let us introduce ourselves!

We are Wildanet, a Cornish based Wireless Internet Service Provider or (WISP).
We provide lightning fast internet to rural and hard to reach areas in Cornwall and beyond.

As a business, we are helping to solve a longstanding problem for rural communities - Slow internet speeds. Traditional underground fibre and copper broadband services require a lot of planning, digging and ducting under the roads to connect villages and communities to a main fibre optic backbone.

As such, many communities have been left behind with internet speeds that are now not suitable for the demands of todays digital world as the major providers don't see rural locations as cost effective to upgrade.

In 2018, the technology to transmit high speeds of data wirelessly through the air gives rural communities an alternative option. In the same way, a TV aerial receives a signal to provide a picture on your screen, we can now deliver lightning fast internet straight to your house.

Why we're different.

Wildanet has been set up to target Hard To Reach Areas (HTRAs). There is still a major issue with rural locations not receiving adequate internet speeds. We are building our own network which means that we can guarantee the speeds we deliver to your home or business. We want to make the difference and provide our service to the places that have been digitally excluded by the major providers.

We offer packages at set speeds of 30, 40 and 50Mbps which you can find out more about here. The packages are scaled to suit typical family sizes for modern internet use and are competitive with major provider's prices. 

Based at Goonhilly Earth Station in beautiful Cornwall, we are perfectly positioned in the flagship location for UK communications. Our network rollout has started on the Lizard Peninsula and is rapidly moving across Cornwall and beyond.

Even though we work amongst the impressive landscape of the satellite dishes here, we aren't a satellite broadband provider. Our network uses the high points of the landscape to communicate with each other. This means that our network doesn't suffer from latency and so is ideal for online gaming.

Connecting with the community

Our aim is to work with communities to help them understand the benefits that a modern day internet connection can bring for both residential and business purposes. We go out to the communities we are connecting to our network and perform speed tests at those actual locations.

We also speak to Parish councils and community leaders to make sure they know who we are, what we do and answer any questions people have. 

We're aware that some people live in rural locations because they like to be disconnected from modern life and are happy with the internet speeds they receive. 

No problem. You'll find no hard sell tactics from us. We're just offering people a choice to have better internet.

We know from talking to communities, that the majority of people in rural locations want the peace and quiet of where they live but don't feel they should have to sacrifice the ability to enjoy the benefits of online streaming services, video calling and online gaming.

You wouldn't compromise on the amount of electricity or heating fuel you can use just to live in a rural part of the world.
So why should you compromise on your broadband speeds?

Having a faster broadband connection can mean more benefits than just streaming videos. A faster connection can help senior citizens keep in touch with their families via video messaging such as Skype or Facebook messenger, and means that a family with multiple demands for bandwidth aren't restricted to using the internet at certain times.

We've heard of people having to move home because one or more of the residents works from home and their bandwidth won't allow them to do this effectively. In 2018, this should not be the case.

Advantages for rural business

A wireless internet community hub

Government figures show that rural businesses make up 24% of all business in England and employ 13% of all those employed by registered businesses in England. However, rural location and poor broadband speeds can put businesses in Hard To Reach Areas at a distinct disadvantage in many respects.

  • A poor internet connection is unable to support multiple workers in a single rural office building meaning limitations on productive growth.
  • Farms/landowners cannot utilise the maximum potential of barns or outbuilding conversions for holiday lets or office units.
  • With cloud services such as Microsoft 365, accounting software and online banking requiring reliable bandwidth to operate effectively, rural businesses suffer with less productivity.
  • With the number of homeworkers and sole traders increasing year on year, people's location can be a governing factor in whether they can run a business from home.   

The list of possibilities and benefits for rural communities that receive a better internet connection is endless.

At Wildanet, we're about to make that happen...

Case study

We recently connected a dairy farmer just outside of Helston to a faster, more stable internet connection helping him to improve his farm's productivity, give WiFi to his holiday lets and keep his kids happy!

watch the video