Gweek Boatyard Sign

Lightning Fast Broadband Boost For Cornish Boatyard

As an internet provider supplying faster broadband speeds to hard to reach areas, we always knew we would visit some interesting locations. We probably didn't expect one of our first multi customer sites to be a boatyard tucked away on the Helford River.

After a successful deployment and speed testing covering the village of Gweek, we soon received calls from the residents and businesses of the boatyard there. Despite being only 100 yards from a Superfast cabinet, the business owners and residents were unable to get more than 2Mb speeds to their premises due to infrastructure restrictions.

Our solution was deployed to various people on the site within a couple of weeks and word started to spread.

A Wildanet wireless hub

As with many of the places Wildanet are going to be connecting Lightning Fast Broadband, the presence of a green cabinet with the words "Superfast Broadband" emblazoned upon it doesn't always guarantee that the service will be available to everyone.

A new Wildanet customer Gary McNaughton had been having problems with his current provider for years. He explains that before  Wildanet, he couldn't get into games or download anything. Describing Wildanet as "The perfect bundle", he kindly gave this testimonial for us.

We are now installing our guaranteed speed wireless internet to boat owners, house owners and businesses around Cornwall giving their online experience a new lease of life and allowing people to use the internet like never before.

Hard to reach location with slow, unreliable broadband?

Wildanet's wireless broadband is currently rolling out across Cornwall.
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