Love your landline again with our Wildafone service

Introducing our Wildafone service.

As a broadband provider, Wildanet can also offer a home phone line service (Wildafone) so you can retain your current BT number. We use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology which means that you won't need a copper line and therefore can stop paying line rental.
This means you'll save money compared to your current provider.

But what does VoIP mean?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology which converts voice signals into data packets and allows your call to travel over an internet connection. That can mean wirelessly or via a wired connection. It's been around for a long time and is how a lot of businesses run their voice calls now. A recent market research report by Transparency Market Research has predicted that VoIP subscribers will be around the 350 million mark by 2020.

The history

For over 100 years, people have used dedicated copper wires to make both analogue and then digital phone calls. When digital phone lines such as ISDN became available, they allowed the transmission of both voice and data signals simultaneously over the same medium (copper wires). They did this by converting voice sound waves into binary data packets in the same way that an email or computer file is sent.Black and white image of a woman working as a telephone operator

With digital transmission allowing the passthrough of voice signals as data packets, the need for a single copper line, specifically for telephone calls was no longer required.

These days, there are many recognised platforms that use VoIP such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and Google Voice. The limitations of applications such as these is that the recipient of the call needs to have an account and be using the application itself to be part of the call.

The advantages of VoIP

Call anyone, anywhere at anytime.

The advantage of a VoIP service (such as Wildafone) over the aforementioned services is that you can call any UK landline or mobile number and the recipient doesn't need any specific software application except the device on which to receive the call such as a home or mobile phone.

No line rental to pay

Another major advantage is that you don't need to pay line rental on a copper line which is part of the major providers sales package. Wildanet's reliable, fixed-wireless internet  doesn't rely on a copper connection to your house and as part of the package, we'll provide you with a new phone to use with the connection.

Use your landline on your smartphone

A third advantage is the ability to use an app on your smartphone to answer and make calls on your landline. This is a useful feature for small businesses but it means that (as long as you have 3G/4G signal or are connected to a wifi connection whilst out and about, you won't miss a call to your home phone. If you have a mobile package with limited call minutes, this option can help as you can use your inclusive landline package to make calls.

Save money

Our Wildafone package will actually save you £13.54 per month compared to the BT equivalent. (That's £162.48 a year). This price difference doesn't even take into account BT's price rise on the 16th September which will mean you will save even more.

So now your next question is what will you spend the money on?

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