A line of dairy cows in a shed

Dairy Farm Gets Connectivity Upgrade

Farming is a major part of the rural landscape and British economy. With all the evolution in modern farming methods, techniques and machinery, one thing that remains is the lack of access to faster broadband speeds.

As farms are generally located on the peripheries of rural villages and off main roads, access to high speed broadband is not normally available or they are physically located too far away from the local exchange.

A working partnership between farmers and Wildanet

In the case of Tregevis Farm near Helston in Cornwall, Andy Bray was in a position to help Wildanet and in return, help his business. By offering us a site to put a community hub on the side of his dairy barn, we provided a faster internet connection to him completely free of charge.

An example of a Wildanet community hub at a Dairy Farm near Helston

Andy had just made a significant investment in upgrading his dairy unit and with now increased productivity, needed to bring his digital connectivity up to speed. With SaaS (Software as a Service) applications  now helping to maintain and manage livestock, accounting, suppliers and trading, having a fast, reliable internet connection is integral to daily farm life.

As he explains in this testimonial, the farm also has holiday lets and three children so having better broadband was a necessity. He describes his old connection as "very slow".

Working in partnership with communities is at the core of Wildanet's ethos. We are trying to reach out to those communities who have been digitally excluded and don't have access to the types of broadband speeds required for online business, streaming and gaming. We class fast broadband as a utility just like electricity. If you live in a rural location, you don't have restricted access to water or electricity, so we believe that you shouldn't have restricted broadband either. 

In certain cases we have heard of people having to leave villages as they can't work online and don't have the internet connectivity to sustain modern family life.

In 2018, the fact that there are still over 1.1 million homes receiving less than 10Mbps internet speeds, highlights the need for alternative solutions. 

This is where Wildanet are using leading edge radio technology to deliver faster internet speeds to places left behind by the major providers. With our competitive prices and unlimited data allowance, we are becoming the internet provider of choice for hard to reach areas.