Newlyn Harbour, Cornwall

Newlyn is one of the largest fishing ports in the UK and because of its strategic location can offer round-the-clock refuge to those vessels that fish the Southwest Approaches.

The iconic harbour is the centre of Cornwall’s fishing industry and is transforming itself to provide fit-for-purpose facilities, services and expertise to support the development and sustainability of the fishing industry, as well as the livelihoods the hardworking fishermen and all those who make Newlyn their home.

A key requirement for the transformation project was the provision of a cost effective superfast broadband connection. Newlyn Harbour chose Wildanet to provide the internet connections which they needed. Wildanet worked closely with Newlyn Harbour to provide a superfast local area broadband network. This new network enables fish to be sold on line from the harbour. It also enables fishermen and other visitors to communicate with families and friends via video calls as well as accessing emails and internet enabled entertainment such as games, film and music streaming.