Wildanet installs Cornwall’s first wireless gigabit broadband service in Liskeard

Liskeard has become Cornwall’s first location to benefit from the fastest level of broadband speeds available.

“Gigabit internet is 40 times faster than the average connection, allowing download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second - the equivalent of 1,000 megabits. At Wildanet, we are absolutely delighted to be supporting Liskeard to access this incredible resource, especially at such a crucial time when so many people need fast internet speeds for home-working” commented Ian Calvert, CEO at Wildanet, based in Liskeard.

Higher internet speeds are increasingly important for homes and businesses as demands on broadband networks rise. Not only are growing numbers of people opting to work from home, but more and more devices are becoming internet-enabled, gigabit broadband allows consistent and confident internet usage.

Liskeard’s mayor, Rachel Brooks, said "We’re very excited that Wildanet has chosen Liskeard to install Cornwall’s first gigabit connection. Now, more than ever, people are relying on digital to connect with family and friends but also for business and entertainment, and it’s great that people now have an extra choice that can give them the speeds needed.

We already have a number of tech and creative digital companies in Liskeard and we'd love that number to grow further, bringing more good quality jobs to Liskeard. The beauty of such fast connections is that people can relocate their businesses to Liskeard, and in addition to having access to some of the fastest internet connections available, enjoy the wonderful quality of life that Liskeard has to offer, nestled between the moors and the sea."

Gigabit speeds are usually only available with FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) connections. However, Wildanet’s innovative technological solution means that these speeds are available wirelessly.

“Liskeard's gigabit connection has been recently facilitated via a receiver installed on Liskeard's town hall. This transmits wireless signals into homes and businesses in the area. Better connectivity is especially crucial for Cornwall, where broadband speeds have historically been slower than many other areas of the UK” explained Ian. “Wildanet’s technology is not reliant on the outdated copper infrastructure, which is a bonus for Cornwall and Liskeard.”

Cornwall Council has recently invested in a new creative and digital workspace in the centre of town on the site of the old cattle market. While the original market held its final livestock sale in 2017, the Liskeard Cattle Market Digital and Creative Workspace has received funding from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership, the European Regional Development Fund, and Cornwall Council. 

The new workspace will provide 17 flexible units aimed at Cornwall’s booming digital and creative industries sectors, supporting around 33 jobs, and add around £1.2m a year to the local economy.

Paddy Paddison, CTO of Wildanet said, “This installation is an important first for us. Wildanet has been leading the charge in bringing broadband to hard-to-reach areas of Cornwall and now we’re proud to be the first provider able to offer gigabit connections to over 500 homes in the Liskeard area.”

Rachel continued: “Liskeard Town Council is committed to supporting homes and businesses in Liskeard, especially during such challenging times as we strive to recover from the impact of COVID-19. Investing in our internet connection is a key avenue for safeguarding the vitality of town centres and high streets.”

Paddy remarked “Cornwall is a progressive county and we should always be looking to improve our broadband capability, in order to connect faster, work smarter and remain competitive in an increasingly connected, digital arena. Liskeard’s connection will be more reliable, resilient, predictable and consistent. We are so proud that the town can access the fastest broadband in Cornwall and all the benefits it can bring to businesses and communities – at a time when the county bounces back after the pandemic.”

Ian added, “It is vital that we look to play a role in the economic recovery and long-term growth of Cornwall. Liskeard is just the beginning!”

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