How to check your broadband speed. Are you getting the speeds you’re paying for?

Have you noticed that most broadband providers only quote ‘average speeds’? This is because they are sharing the same network with other providers, meaning you may not be getting the speeds you thought you were paying for. Just like a motorway, the more people using the network the busier it gets, which is why your broadband service may sometimes slow down (or stop working completely).

There are many websites available (such as https://www.speedtest.net/) to help you check your broadband speed. It only takes a few seconds. Try it now and find out if you’re getting the speed you’re paying for.

Wildanet is different

We’re the broadband provider that’s putting Cornwall first! We’re rolling out our own superfast network throughout the region, meaning unlike other providers, we can guarantee superfast speeds starting from 30Mbps in our network areas.

Get in touch to check availability in your area and take the first step to upgrading your broadband.

What our clients are saying:

“Having Wildanet has made a huge difference to my business and my family. No interruptions to film streaming while I’m working. Highly recommend and our bills are cheaper. Very happy customers. Thanks Wildanet!” Jules Wivell - JW Jewellery Design. Read Jules’ full story here.

“Had (a well-known broadband provider) before and speed was rubbish. Took ages to download films. My wife couldn’t use her laptop for work. Since having Wildanet films download instantly and my wife can use her laptop which means she can work from home”. Darryl Buckler