Gunwalloe wanted superfast broadband – Wildanet delivered in 21 days.

Gunwalloe may be famous in Cornwall for its church and filming location for the Poldark series but until July, it didn’t enjoy celebrity status broadband connectivity.

A campaign from local residents had gone unanswered by the major providers for a long time and the posters and requests remained in local notice boards and the pub. Residents of the village struggled to get over 1Mbps speeds, rendering their broadband connections ineffective for modern internet use.

We first spoke to Samantha Folds (clerk of Mullion Parish Council) in March, who advised that Gunwalloe had "virtually no internet" and asked if we could roll out our network to Gunwalloe as well as Mullion. Whilst Mullion did have some superfast coverage in parts, Gunwalloe was completely void. Some residents had to resort to tethering mobile network connections with expensive data caps, whilst others simply couldn’t work from home.

With plans to arrange a meeting with the community, one of our staff members went into the local pub on a social visit, The Halzephron Inn and spoke to landlady Claire Murray. She confirmed that the whole village was waiting for a better broadband service and they had heard rumours that maybe BT were coming at the end of the year.

We explained who Wildanet were and our model of providing lightning fast internet to hard to reach areas. Providing we could get a line of site to the village, we could connect the residents to our service and solve this problem. We left some flyers with Claire and set about creating a network link for the village.

The Poster

It was in the pub that we saw the poster asking for local residents support in bringing superfast broadband to Gunwalloe. The poster highlighted genuine restrictions for those suffering with poor internet speeds in the village.

  • Students unable to complete online homework
  • University students unable to send assignments to tutors
  • Businesses unable to provide wifi to their customers
  • Teachers unable to plan children’s work online
  • Employees unable to work efficiently from home
  • Parents and Grandparents unable to Skype further afield loved ones.

These issues are typical of villages and rural areas across the county where major providers have left communities digitally excluded. It forms the basis of what Wildanet, as a company, is trying to achieve in giving a choice of better broadband to those communities who have been left behind in the digital dark ages.

We’re using an alternative method of delivering high speed broadband which is gaining more recognition across the UK as the traditional infrastructure of copper and fibre continues to get clogged up with oversubscription.