Our broadband packages

We have 3 residential broadband packages which are based simply on your household size as a rough guide. The Wildanet policy is simple; Our speeds are constant and guaranteed. This means your broadband is reliable and will actually work better than an "up to" or "average" speed that the major providers advertise.

Our internet connections allow homeworkers to be productive, gamers to be competitive and streamers to stream all day long.

  • Our broadband packages start at a guaranteed 30Mb/s.
  • All packages have an unlimited data allowance.* (Subject to the usual fair use policy)
  • Our upload speed is 5Mbps.
  • All domestic contracts are for a minimum period of 24 months.
  • There is a one off standard installation charge of £99*.
    (In some cases, there are grants available from Cornwall Council to contribute towards the cost of non-standard installation.)

Download Speed: 30Mbps

Monthly Cost: £29.95

Data Allowance: Unlimited

This is our entry level package designed with a budget in mind. This package would typically suit 2-3 people with high internet usage.

Download Speed: 40Mbps

Monthly Cost: £39.95

Data Allowance: Unlimited

This is our mid level of package and will comfortably suit a small household of 4 people with high internet usage.

Download Speed: 50Mbps

Monthly Cost: £48.95

Data Allowance: Unlimited

The 50Mbps package will comfortably suit a family of 5 or more people with high internet usage.

Let us quickly explain the difference between our own internet speeds and those of the major internet providers.

We guarantee our speeds.

This means that if we sell you a 30Mbps package your average speed will be guaranteed at 30Mbps overall. Our speed balancing technology means that your overall average will be guaranteed to be the speed you pay for. (You'll actually find that most of the time you receive just above your package speed)

Other providers will give you an average up to speed.
This means you will be very unlikely to ever see the speeds you think you are paying for.
As a little statistic, you might want to know that last year the average broadband speed in the UK (Including cities and towns with superfast fibre) was 36.2Mbps. (Link to OfCom report)
So when you see speeds of up to 76Mbps advertised by the major providers, these are just speeds that are available to 50% of their customers.

Standard Installation Charge.

There is a one off charge for standard installation which is the cost of engineers coming to your property to fit your radio and configure your router.
In some cases there are grants available from Cornwall Council to contribute towards costs of non-standard installation fees where slightly more advanced installations are required.
Once you have registered your interest, we will contact you and will advise you if you may be eligible for a grant.


Wildanet is an independent internet provider, bringing experience and expertise in fixed-wireless solutions to the region. Our lightning fast, reliable broadband internet services are built around proven and current network technologies, designed to create new options and providing for the first time, awesome choices to rural communities.

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Wildanet have received a grant from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 which partly funded a new network extension in the Camborne Area which we commissioned in December 2017. Since then, the project called Camborne Rising has enabled us to employ three new members of staff and add new customers to Wildanet's superfast internet.