Our Mission

Our mission is to bring fast, reliable internet to homes and businesses in communities like yours.

Whether you're in the city, the countryside or coastal town, you should have a good internet connection - not one that only just works, or only works some of the time. Unfortunately, that's the situation many areas are left in by some of the UK's larger internet providers - their networks simply can't reach the change to all, leaving many communities digitally stranded.

We take a different approach to internet. One that soars above tired copper cables. It's a high-tech, low-hassle broadband solution that will keep your home or business reliably connected.

Why choose Wildanet?

Our customers are at the heart of Wildanet - so you can be confident that we put you and yours first. We exist to provide homes and businesses that have been overlooked and underserviced by larger providers with a guaranteed fast and reliable internet solution.

Our team, from customer services to the installation engineers, have a local focus and are always on hand to make sure you're up to speed.

Who Are We?

The Wildanet team is a group of advanced network engineers, communication experts and customer service specialists.

We saw first-hand how some communities are being routinely overlooked and under serviced by larger internet service providers - so, we decided to put our industry expertise and experience to good use and do something about it.

Tell us where you are and
we'll tell you what next
Tell us where you are and
we'll tell you what next