Lightning fast internet for hard to reach areas

Our mission is to bring lightning fast internet to homes and businesses in hard to reach areas.

Guaranteed fast, reliable internet is a necessity whether you're in the city, the countryside or coastal town. Unfortunately many of the networks covered by some of the UK's larger internet providers don't reach the most rural postcodes, leaving many communities stranded with painfully slow connectivity or no internet at all!

We take a different approach to internet. One that soars above tired copper cables, and swoops beneath unstable satellite connectivity. Our expert team connects communities using a fixed-wireless network linked by a series of masts across Cornwall and beyond. Owning our infrastructure means there's no middleman, we deliver lightning fast internet straight to your home or business.

Who Are We?

Wildanet is a young company based at Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall.

We are a collection of advanced network engineers, former communications company decision makers, sales and marketing people. As a team, we are committed to fixing the internet gaps that still exist in rural communities.

We are aware that even in 2018, whole communities are still not able to receive a good level of internet provision.

We aim to change that...

Why choose Wildanet?

Community is at the heart of Wildanet. We exist to provide homes and businesses that have been overlooked or underserviced by larger providers with a guaranteed fast and reliable internet solution.

Our commitment to connecting communities doesn't stop at homes and businesses. We are also installing WiFi in village halls and community centres in rural villages for residents to access, for free.

Working With Communities

At Wildanet, we're adopting a community first approach. This means we want to help communities who have been left behind, to have access to better broadband services.

We also want to help people to understand the benefits of having better internet speeds. Whether it be helping a lone senior to use Skype or Facetime to keep in touch with overseas relatives, or showing businesses the potential for increased productivity and lower overheads by utilising cloud services and VoIP technology.

We're offering schemes that mean we can provide free wi-fi internet to village halls and community centres to benefit the community as a whole and bring people together.

But above all else, we're helping to connect communities that have been left behind due to existing infrastructure restrictions. Wildanet is different and is creating a new way for rural and hard to reach areas get a better internet connection. No cables, no fuss, just lightning fast internet.

Using technically based terrain profiling we are able to create an above ground, fixed wireless network capable of reaching communities that have little or no access to high speed internet.

We've already been out talking to local communities within Cornwall to make sure we can reach internet starved areas quickly.


Wildanet is an independent internet provider, bringing experience and expertise in fixed-wireless solutions to the region. Our lightning fast, reliable broadband internet services are built around proven and current network technologies, designed to create new options and providing for the first time, awesome choices to rural communities.

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Wildanet have received a grant from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 which partly funded a new network extension in the Camborne Area which we commissioned in December 2017. Since then, the project called Camborne Rising has enabled us to employ three new members of staff and add new customers to Wildanet's superfast internet.